Nearly all modern businesses depend on the Internet to some extent. Whether it’s responding to emails or getting dozens of work laptops online, reliable broadband is essential.

However, there are circumstances where conventional business broadband isn’t appropriate. For instance, a traditional broadband contract can be impractical for cases where a connection is needed for only a few weeks or months. Thankfully, Mobile Broadband presents a more versatile option.

In this blog, we outline four situations where our 4G-powered Mobile Broadband service is the perfect solution.

1) Working while travelling

Frequent commuters will know the frustration of trying to work with a slow or unreliable Wi-Fi connection. In the era of flexible and hybrid working, connection issues while travelling are even more frustrating. Luckily, 4G routers can solve this problem.

Mobile Broadband essentially provides ‘pop-up 4G’, allowing employees to access the Internet wherever they need it. This is ideal for train or bus journeys as it delivers personal high-speed Internet access. This 4G connection is also far more reliable and secure than the free Wi-Fi provided to passengers.

2) Construction sites

Even in manual, labor-intensive sectors such as construction, being able to make calls and use the Internet is essential. For example, construction workers often need to contact clients and colleagues or access documents shared on Cloud-based applications.

When working on unfinished buildings, a wired connection isn’t always possible or practical. By their nature, construction projects are temporary. As such, lengthy broadband contracts aren’t usually worthwhile or value-for-money for construction teams.

Thankfully, Mobile Broadband provides calls, Internet, and Cloud access via a wireless connection. This allows construction workers to take a 4G router anywhere — without a lengthy setup process. What’s more, we can provide this service for short one-month or six-month periods. This means construction companies can save money by selecting contracts that expire around the time they complete their projects.

3) Rural locations

As Mobile Broadband routers don’t require a wired connection, they’re especially convenient in rural areas. Regardless of the nearby broadband and telecoms infrastructure, our 4G routers deliver high-speed Internet access from any location.

This works well for out-of-town factories, for example, especially if they need broadband and call functionality immediately. Thanks to the fast Internet connection and Cloud Telephony included in this service, workers in the manufacturing sector can easily communicate with colleagues, suppliers, and customers.

4) A back-up for remote working

Although Mobile Broadband isn’t a permanent broadband solution, it’s ideal for keeping remote workers connected. A 4G router can serve as a handy back-up for workers in the event of Wi-Fi outages or maintenance. This maximises workers’ productivity — regardless of issues with their traditional broadband connection. Our Mobile Broadband service even comes with unlimited data, allowing employees to take part in data-intensive activities without restrictions.

We hope this blog has helped you see the value of our versatile 4G routers. Everyday Communications can prepare your Mobile Broadband connection in just one day, including free set-up. To learn more about this service, contact our helpful team.