At Everyday Communications, we understand the importance of connectivity and focus on the importance of using technology to deliver advanced technologies and solutions to our customers. Millions of people in the UK live in areas where there’s no internet access. In addition, poor connectivity remains a real issue for rural businesses across the country, especially now, at a difficult time when they need to work harder to boost efficiency and productivity in the face of rising costs.

Our new satellite internet services solve this very problem. Residential users and businesses located in areas where traditional internet and mobile data connections are not available, can get the services they deserve and get some much-needed peace of mind!

We make it easy for you to get connected quickly even in locations where you may have thought fast broadband was impossible to access.

What is satellite broadband and how does it work?

Satellite broadband offers a fast and more reliable internet service for people in locations that are poorly served by traditional connections and are unlikely to have access to full-fibre internet. It’s transmitted wirelessly via a satellite dish and does not rely on a network of broadband wires or cables.

It works in a similar way to satellite TV, you have a dish attached to the outside of your house or premises, the only difference is the dish is a two-way system, meaning you can also upload data to the satellite.

What are the advantages of satellite broadband?

First, satellite broadband works pretty much everywhere, so you can benefit from almost unlimited coverage. Secondly, there’s no phone line needed, which is a great advantage ahead of the Great British Switch Off.

When it comes to speeds, you have to manage your expectations. Sending data to, and receiving it from, a satellite is rather more complex than sending it through a bunch of cables attached directly to your home. While there’s nothing spectacular about satellite broadband speeds, it’s enough for seamless browsing, online shopping and communicating, making transactions and maybe even some occasional Netflix.  If you live in an area where your internet options are extremely limited, satellite broadband really can save the day!

Get connected

We have partnered with Starlink in order to connect our users back to our broadband network, offering you business grade connectivity wherever you are. Our satellite internet broadband service managed through our core network is a desirable solution for businesses operating in rural or remote locations, that are unable to obtain high-speed internet service and have limited 4G/5G data coverage.

Satellite internet service provides your business with a maximum data transfer of 220Mbps, enhancing business productivity with the ability to integrate business workforce using other broadband technology provided through our MPLS and SDWAN broadband network including our Mobile Broadband and Cloud Telephony service.

We work closely with our customers to understand their connectivity needs and recommend suitable plans. So, wherever you are, if you struggle to get connected, get in touch with us!