Broadband bundles are offered by most providers in the UK and they group your broadband with other services, such as your TV and/or home phone. Combining these bills into one monthly fee for the whole package may seem like a better deal, but do they always make sense? Should you shop around for better standalone deals from different providers?

To bundle or not to bundle, let’s find out!

Is a broadband bundle right for you?

You might be tempted to buy a broadband bundle because it’s convenient. But ask yourself, is it worth paying for something you don’t necessarily need? For example, are you going to watch all the extra TV channels you are given?

Additionally, your monthly fee in a bundle can be confusing as all your services are rolled into one bill. Make sure you break it down and see exactly how much you are spending on these services separately.

With standalone deals, you get more choices and flexibility. You can get faster internet speeds than your current TV provider can offer, for example. Also, you might miss out on important upgrades from other providers.

Other important factors to consider

Don’t overlook the specifics. If you have a large household of heavy internet users, a faster internet connection is likely to suit your needs. Fibre optic broadband is faster and more reliable, which can make it more suitable, so you need to ensure you’re getting the service that you need. There is a big difference between a wired-capped 15Mb connection versus the latest 100Mb fibre optic connection.

Online streaming TV and VoIP services require a high-speed Fibre broadband service. In addition, you may find subscribing separately to services such as Netflix offers better value for your money.

If you are buying an introductory deal, remember that they always come to an end. This means that even though a bundle may be cheaper for the first couple of months, you could end up paying more than you thought for the rest of your contract. Therefore, always take into consideration the full price of a bundle across the year, rather than simply the monthly fee, which may vary.

Don’t forget to check your contract length and whether your provider charges any installation fees for setting up your broadband and factor this into the overall cost. Once your contract ends, your monthly fee may shoot up, so it’s worth searching for a new deal so that you can switch straight away.

You can always get a better deal

Before committing to a broadband bundle, it is worth researching all the specifics and whether these are suited to your specific needs. If you’re not going to bundle, you’ll want really fast internet at a fair price so that you can stream content on several TVs without any interruptions.

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