With so many aspects of our daily life carried out online, superfast broadband has become increasingly essential for residential users. Not only faster than standard broadband but more reliable too, fibre broadband has rapidly become the first choice when looking for a new broadband connection.

So is it worth switching? In this blog, we will weigh up all the benefits of fibre broadband for home users.

But first…What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is a type of high-speed broadband that uses fibre optic cables from your local broadband exchange right to your home. Fibre cables are better than standard copper cables at delivering high-speed data over a long distance which makes it the most reliable and future-proofed connectivity technology in the world today.

This means there’s a greater capacity for you and your family to go online and enjoy all the things you want to do – gaming, streaming or surfing.


Fibre Broadband is faster

The first benefit is obvious: exponentially increased internet speed. You will benefit from download speeds of 1Gbps and upload speeds of around 200Mbps, so you’ll no longer be fighting for bandwidth with your kids or other members of your household. Additionally, there is significantly less buffering when it comes to all your favourite online activities.

Our national average is 50.4Mps, so the numbers speak for themselves.


Fibre Broadband can handle multi-device use

If you count up the number of devices you have that need an internet connection, you’ll be surprised. More and more families work from home and turn their homes into smart homes, which means the number of devices is only going to increase. Fibre internet is especially recommended for residential users who have more than 10 devices and need to simultaneously stream across multiple devices.

Mobile phones/smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and iPads, smartwatches, smart TVs, set-top boxes, players, game consoles, media streamers or smart speakers – fibre broadband can handle them all!


Fibre Broadband is more reliable than standard broadband

Traditional broadband has improved immeasurably but it can still prove unreliable. For example, its performance can still be impacted by the time of day with peak hours providing frustration. If you have a fibre internet connection, you can forget about this problem.

Utilising fibre-optic cables, which can’t get overworked and don’t overheat like copper networks, fibre broadband is definitely more reliable. Additionally, distance is not a problem for fibre optic connections and data delivery continues at a consistently high speed, regardless of your location.


Fibre Broadband can improve work-life balance

Anyone working at home knows how frustrating it is to lose an Internet connection during a video call. Video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype require a high-quality internet connection. Not to mention the productivity of anyone needing to upload/download files on a regular basis depends on reliable and super-fast broadband.

Fibre broadband keeps you happy and most importantly of all, your boss and your clients happy.


How can I switch to fibre broadband?

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