Cloud adoption is big news. Fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote working, businesses around the world have turned to the Cloud to keep their operations running smoothly. In fact, the global Cloud market is forecast to reach $623.3 billion by 2023 and 94% of enterprises are already using a Cloud service. In this article, we discuss the key business benefits of Cloud telephony.

How does Cloud telephony work?

In simple terms, Cloud telephony allows you to communicate over the Internet, without any on-site equipment or a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) box. This means you’re no longer reliant on phone lines or physical hardware like handsets.

It also offers your business a secure online environment as your telephony software and applications run in the Cloud and are managed by a third-party.

How can my business benefit from Cloud telephony?

To remain competitive, businesses need to operate responsively. The Cloud offers a modern and flexible solution to your business communications, which is vital in today’s remote-working landscape!

Key business benefits of Cloud telephony include:


One of the best things about the Cloud is you can use it from any location with an Internet connection. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology also means you can perform the full range of actions you’d expect from a traditional office phone system, e.g., call queuing or forwarding, viewing call activity, accessing voicemails, and viewing fax messages.

Call forwarding allows you to receive calls on any device of your choosing (from laptops to mobiles). This gives your business a global reach and ensures that no calls go unanswered!


Cloud telephony is typically cheaper than on-site phone systems. Without the equipment of traditional desk-phone systems to install, upgrade or maintain, your business will make substantial savings in the long-term!


The needs of businesses change over time and (understandably) business-owners can be reluctant to invest in solutions that might not end up meeting their future needs. Cloud telephony solutions are highly scalable and you can customise your system if you need to make changes. For example, your business can switch between plans and add new users, extensions, or numbers as your operations grow.

Easy integration

Cloud telephony simplifies and streamlines your communications. If your business uses separate systems for calls and meetings, you’re likely to have notes and information stored in several different places.

With Cloud telephony, everything is consolidated under one user interface which can be used to collaborate, share information, and analyse data. This means that your workforce will know where to find things and won’t waste time trying to retrieve important information! Features such as ‘chat’ also make it quick and easy for your staff to communicate instantly with each other.

So, are you tempted by the business benefits of Cloud telephony? Setting up is easy, all you need is a reliable broadband connection and a VoIP service provider. At Everyday Communications, we can provide you with both of these services, as well as first-class customer support!

For more information about Cloud telephony for your business, contact our knowledgeable team!