Businesses are always looking for ways to future-proof their operations and save money in the long term while constantly improving the quality of their products and services. One way to achieve this is by upgrading to a leased line.

A leased line is an ultra-fast fibre optic internet connection that runs straight from the closest fibre connection to your premises providing an incredibly dedicated and reliable form of broadband connectivity within the market. At first, you will notice that a leased line costs more than your average business broadband package, but is it worth the extra cost? Will the benefits of upgrading to a leased line save your business money? Let’s find out!

Less downtime

There’s no doubt that internet downtime costs businesses money and reputation. With so much of our work today carried out online, an internet outage hurts productivity, particularly if you have an e-commerce store.

Commonly, fixing a regular broadband line can take days. However, due to its specific design as a dedicated connection for your business alone, a leased line is highly unlikely to drop out or fail. You’re not sharing your leased line with other businesses, and, in the rare event of a failure, the leased line benefits from a high-priority SLA – a 5-hour fixed period in most cases. In addition, leased lines are checked 24/7 by the provider, significantly reducing downtime.

Faster speeds

Fibre optic leased lines can provide faster speeds to suit your needs. Staff won’t need to worry about being online at the same time, you’ll be able to easily send large amounts of data to and from cloud applications, share large files and take part in video conference calls without suffering from signal dips. In addition, you will be able to swap your ISDN phone line for a VoIP telephony system. This will result in significant cost savings if your business operates from multiple locations. Multiple sites will be able to share files and email servers. No need to purchase additional resources, which is incredibly valuable as you can focus on being productive rather than dealing with problems within the system.

Additional security

The leased line is exclusively yours, which means it is far more secure than a broadband connection. With a dedicated leased line, the only data travelling up and down the leased line belongs to your business and it’s not accessible to the public. Although it’s impossible to be 100% immune to cyber attacks and data leaks, the risk is significantly reduced.


A leased line can grow with your business. You can increase the speed of your connection as and when you need it, without purchasing additional equipment. If your business needs to increase its 100Mbps connection to 1Gbps, this can be done quickly and without the need to invest in yet further infrastructure. Once installed, a leased line should provide sufficient internet connection for your business whatever changes or developments occur in the future.

Choosing the right provider and package

A leased line can save your business money in a variety of ways, and if you are considering installing a leased line as an investment, it is important to choose a package and provider that meets your needs. This will depend on the size of your business, the number of employees, and the types of applications used.

Everyday Communications can provide an ultra-fast leased line service with 5 hours SLA for fault resolution and a free backup service using either our Mobile Broadband service or Everyday Business broadband packages which use the underlying Openreach network.

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