Remember when the cloud seemed like a fluffy concept that went over people’s head? How times have changed. It’s now a widely used and much appreciated technology that gives businesses increased computing power plus the ability to run applications that provide flexibility and scalability.

However, what many people still don’t realise is that there are different ways to connect to the cloud. Public Internet used to be the only option, which was fine up to a point. But whilst the public Internet is widely accessible, it’s not always reliable, efficient or secure. Consequently, more and more businesses are choosing direct cloud access.

What is direct cloud connectivity?

In simple terms, direct cloud access creates a dedicated link from your premises to your cloud provider. It bypasses your office broadband and plugs your data centre and workstations directly into the cloud. The result? Your business will enjoy no holds barred connectivity that’s altogether more consistent.

This leads to the following primary advantages:

1. Reduced latency

No matter how fast your download and upload speeds, using the public Internet compromises your available bandwidth somewhat. If your business uses Microsoft Teams or even ubiquitous applications like Word and Outlook then you may have already experienced irritating lag.

A direct connection to the cloud eliminates this lag immediately. It will prevent your cloud traffic from encumbering your broadband and network traffic, so your email, VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging services operate at full speed 24/7.

2. Increased reliability

Sadly, the public Internet isn’t something your business can control. Spikes in demand, different network capabilities, the unavailability of full fibre in your area, plus unscheduled maintenance can all disrupt your operations. Thankfully, a direct connection to the cloud can provide the consistency businesses crave.

Direct connectivity provides a private network you can count on every day. You’ll enjoy 100% uptime and faster cloud-based integrated communications. This can only enhance collaboration and increase your team’s productivity.

3. Better security

Although web security has come on leaps and bounds, the public Internet will always have its vulnerabilities. After all, it’s a sprawling environment that can be attacked in numerous ways. A direct connection to the cloud, however, reduces your exposure significantly.

A big advantage of direct connectivity is that it eliminates your need for a virtual private network (VPN). Communication between your data centre and office is not only backed up; it’s end-to-end and shielded.

4. Lower costs

Public cloud services can be expensive in terms of data retrieval. Meanwhile, the cost of a direct cloud connection may be lower than you think. What’s more, the timesaving and productivity-boosting nature of direct connectivity is also sure to boost your business’s bottom line.

When creating their strategy for utilising the cloud, many organisations make the mistake of using multiple platforms for different applications. This is inefficient because it forces employees to manage several connections simultaneously. A single direct connection to the cloud makes life simpler, faster, and ultimately more profitable.

The role of Internet providers

Whilst most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) these days offer high-speed broadband from which you can utilise the likes of Google CloudAmazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure, not every ISP can support direct cloud connections. Consequently, it’s important to check an ISP’s capabilities before committing to a contract.

Fortunately, our own service was specifically designed to maximise the potential and minimise the risks of cloud-based technologies; therefore we’re very happy to support our business customers’ direct cloud access needs.

Our infrastructure supports a fully managed service that will keep you plugged into the cloud hour-by-hour — thus giving you more time to focus on your business priorities. We even make sure your transition from public Internet access is a smooth one so you’re up and running in no time.

The direct message

Cloud computing can dramatically improve the way your business operates. But not all cloud connections are equal. And not all ISPs are equal either. To really harness the cloud’s potential, your business needs a dependable direct connection alongside an ISP that understands and supports the technology. That’s where Everyday Communications can help.

Our team can play a major role in your business’s digital transformation. Opting for a direct cloud connection is the next logical step towards this goal. Your business can enjoy greater bandwidth flexibility, lower latency, greater security, and increased profitability. The result? You’ll be in pole position to grow and scale new heights.