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Discover how your business could communicate in a more cost-efficient way with Cloud telephony from Everyday Communications.

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The Business World

Cloud Telephony is gaining traction throughout the business world – and for good reason.

Cloud Telephony allows you to transform your business phone system from multiple pieces of hardware into one that’s controlled and operated via the Internet. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)  enables you to make calls over a data connection and gain access to a host of useful VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) features.

With your phone system securely housed in the Cloud rather than in your office and the flexibility of VoIP technology, your business will benefit from:

  • Reduced equipment, hardware and maintenance costs
  • A high degree of usability from Internet-enabled devices, such as mobiles and laptops
  • The capability to use all of the features of a traditional office telecoms system (e.g. call forwarding and voicemail), in any location
  • Free internal calls

When you sign up for our premium Cloud telephony service, your package will include:

Call Forwarding and Transfer

Conveniently forward your calls from your desk phone to your mobile device (or any other telephone number of your choice) and effortlessly transfer calls between locations.

One Number Reach

Take a single telephone number – that’s reachable on any device – with you, wherever you go. Answer incoming calls to your office extension irrespective of your destination using your mobile phone or laptop.


Never miss a call with our integrated voicemail function. For added convenience, you can also choose to receive your voicemail messages to your email.

Wi-Fi–Enabled Voice Solution

Wireless IP phones and cordless phones allow you to be mobile, increasing the convenience and scope of communication in your workplace. Your wireless IP phone connects using your Wi-Fi network, enabling you to reduce your business cabling infrastructure and communicate flexibly.

Audio Conference Calls

Our audio conference facility allows you to hold audio meetings internally and externally in a fuss-free manner, via a universally-accessible dial-in number and a reliable, high-quality connection.

Call Recording

On-demand or automatic call recording enables you to easily record and play back calls for future reference, staff training or monitoring.

Number Migration

Our SIP trunking platform allows you to seamlessly migrate your existing business numbers to ensure business continuity and minimal disruption. This supports your business to work in an agile way and future-proofs your telecommunications by moving away from analogue and ISDN phone lines.

Contact Centre Functionality

We provide professional contact centre services with all the standard functionality, including call statistics, queuing and call menu options.

On-Hold Music

Choose from a wide selection of music to play to your business’ callers whilst they’re on hold.

Integrated Voice Response

Identify, segment and route callers using a menu system and appropriate prompts. Play key messages to callers, e.g. to update on-hold callers on their queue position.

24/7 Business Support

Last but certainly not least, we offer round-the-clock support to all our customers and are on-hand to support your business whenever you need us. You will also benefit from a dedicated account manager to facilitate quick and efficient communication with our in-house customer support team.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can operate efficiently using high quality, cost-efficient Cloud telephony service, contact our expert team.

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