There’s no doubt that seamless connectivity is a crucial part of any business and fast, reliable service contributes to business success. Although the gap between rural and urban internet speed is narrowing, there are still numerous businesses that operate in rural areas and are still unable to obtain business-grade connectivity and business telephony service.

The main reason for this is the broadband infrastructure in areas which are considered to be “hard to reach”. According to Ofcom, average peak-time download speeds in urban areas (55.1 Mbit/s) were still a third higher than those in rural areas (41.3 Mbit/s) in March 2021.

Emails, communication, file sharing, social media, website traffic – almost all your businesses’ operations rely on your internet speed. Slow and unreliable connectivity is something that your business and customers can’t endure anymore.

The dangers of poor connectivity for businesses

Slower speeds can add up over time to cost your company thousands in lost time. All your tools and software are harder to use with a poor internet connection. Additionally, cloud-based technology such as SaaS represents a cheaper alternative, but an unreliable internet connection makes it harder to use these services.

We must also consider the effect of poor connectivity on your employees. If they are relocating, a bad internet connection could cost the company a valuable member of staff.

With video conferencing becoming an indispensable tool, a slow internet connection can be distracting, inefficient, and doesn’t create the right impression for your business. Limited communication options can lead to a missed order, a potential client loss, or an opportunity wasted.

Your employees, your customers and your business partners need to know that you can be relied upon. All your hard work and reputation suffer damage every time your internet goes down.

Make the switch and unleash your business potential

It’s our mission to ensure no business is left behind and provide premium business broadband service in the areas that are “hard to reach”. Rest assured your business will stay connected to its customers, suppliers and workforce 24/7. You’ll benefit from high speeds, real-time monitoring reports, a free backup circuit and outstanding customer support.

Do you need static IP addresses to enable remote working? What are your file sharing requirements? Are you planning on being involved in video conferencing?

We provide connectivity solutions tailored to your needs and your priorities that bring countless benefits to businesses across the UK, including:

  • Fast overall internet speeds
  • Coverage wherever you need it – our Mobile Broadband service caters to businesses across the country. It’s ideal for companies and teams operating away from a major telecoms infrastructure, especially in out-of-town locations
  • Our Cloud Connectivity service provides a direct link between your business and Cloud providers – giving you a secure, fast and consistent connection
  • Voice over internet phone systems (VoIP) – cheaper calls, flexible and no line rental.
  • Video conferencing – increasing the convenience of internal and external communication and reducing travel costs and time
  • One flat fee per month
  • A dedicated Account Manager and exceptional 24/7 customer support

If your broadband services are not exceeding your expectations, get in touch with our team and we will not only bring you up to speed but also enhance day to day business activities!