For most UK businesses, it’s still a tough climate out there. The pandemic and the new economic challenges showed us that we need to be better equipped to proactively prepare for the future. Particularly in the last few years, cloud services have emerged as the clear leader in increasing business resilience.

They can improve availability by speeding up and easing the restoration of servers, applications and data. It can also improve your data security and applications while helping control resiliency costs.

At Everyday Communications, we believe that businesses need to be supported by the right technology to improve business performance, profitability and resilience.

Now that we know that cloud services improve the resilience of your business, let’s find out how!

It’s all about data storage

Rather than housing physical hardware and backups in your office, your business data, software, and applications run safely in the ‘cloud’. This means that if there’s an outage in your local area, your data will be kept safe and secure. In addition, by migrating to the cloud, your business will always be up to date with the latest version of the application, including the latest productivity-enhancing features and the latest security measures.

Regular backups of your data

Continuous backups of your data have always been an important part of ensuring business resilience for decades. With cloud storage systems, your data is regularly backed up to remote locations, so you’re even less likely to lose data if any piece of hardware fails. And since the backups are taken care of automatically, you’re eliminating any human error. This means your business can continue operating no matter what happens.

Work from anywhere

Using Cloud-based services your employees are able to work more easily from different locations, as they can collaborate with their peers, and access the Cloud to receive the information they need. Since your applications and data are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed with staff working from home, in a temporary office or on the go.

Deliver a consistent customer experience

Resilience is also about your business’ ability to react to the changing requirements of the customers. Therefore, your communications must be resilient enough to always deliver a consistent customer experience. You can achieve that by implementing a cloud telephony system that allows you to scale your communications infrastructure to match business growth.

Save money by adopting cloud technologies

There’s already enough pressure on every business’ budget, but with a cloud setup your expenses are predictable and you can easily bounce back from the unexpected. Additionally, without any physical technology infrastructure, there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Our infrastructure supports a fully managed service that will keep you plugged into the cloud hour-by-hour — thus giving you more time to focus on your business priorities.

Your business can enjoy greater resilience, lower latency, greater security, and increased profitability, as well as first-class customer support!

If you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.