Whether you run a construction company or a large digital operation with numerous employees collaborating in real time, you need a reliable internet connection. Today, every business is an online business since so much of running a business requires a seamless internet connection—internal communication, document access, transactions, marketing, customer service and more. As businesses – no matter the size- recognise that the quality of their broadband service can easily affect their customers, speed and reliability have become paramount.

Now here comes the most important question: “what internet speed do I need for my business?” First of all, you need to know that your business internet speed is not static and you should review it periodically as technology advances and your business expands.

To make sure you’re buying the right package that fits the specific needs of your business, here are some important factors to consider before making a decision.

The number of users

This is one of the most important factors to consider when estimating your internet speed needs. The number of internet users in your office will impact your business’s internet needs. In addition, you’ll also need to consider clients or customers who may also log onto your network and estimate the number of additional employees you’ll hire down the line.

The number of connected devices

The number of devices connected to the internet at the same time will also impact the internet speed you need. So you’ll want to think ahead and estimate how many devices will need to connect to your internet network.

If your business frequently has clients or customers in the workplace, you should also account for their devices. In addition, new employees will likely have more than one device, and you may be adding additional connected devices—like video conferencing equipment—in the near future.

Online activity

Is video conferencing the primary way you communicate with your team? Is your business activity limited to sending emails and communicating with customers? Does your team need to upload and download large files? Does your business consider a hybrid working model?

Take your time and collect useful information about your internet activity and needs before signing a contract.

Choosing the right provider for your business

It’s important to consider your future ISP’s flexibility. Make sure your ISP is able to accommodate your business as it evolves and expands over time. More employees and devices, cloud connectivity, multi-site connectivity —all of these things will impact your internet needs over time.

Look out for a provider that can offer you the latest technology, flexible plans, around-the-clock technical support and an extensive range of security features. Watch out for price rises and lengthy contracts. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, your ISP should be your trusted partner that will not only provide you with a fast and reliable connection but also with the right tools to enhance day-to-day activities and grow your business.

Choosing the right provider for your business encompasses cost-efficient packages with fast internet speeds, 24/7 customer support, scalability, flexibility, and security.

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