When it comes to figuring out how much broadband speed your business needs, there are several factors to consider (and consider them you must). Otherwise you could end up paying for a service that you don’t really need and waste your hard-earned money, or struggling with a service that does not ultimately meet your business and its users’ requirements.

But before we look in more depth at how much broadband speed your business really needs, let’s first go over some of the terms you’ll almost certainly encounter when you start speaking with Internet services providers.

Broadband speed/bandwidth – the maximum amount of data that can flow through an Internet pipe simultaneously at any given time (both down and up)

Download speed – the actual speed at which you receive information/data

Upload speed – the actual speed at which you send information/data

Data allowance – the total amount of data your business can send/receive over a given period (usually a month)

Mbps – a measure of speed short for megabits per second

Gbps – a measure of speed short for gigabits per second (one gigabit per second equals 1000 Mbps)

Bandwidth vs download speed

Sometimes, you will hear people using the terms ‘bandwidth’ and ‘download speed’ interchangeably. While it’s not really a big deal, it’s not strictly correct.

You see, you could have a bandwidth of 1Gbps, but when you download something it might only transfer at 332.40Mbps. In other words, even though your bandwidth is 1Gbps, the actual download speed you are getting is only 332.40Mbps. That means other people can also download/upload stuff at the same time without your pipe becoming congested something that is very important for businesses with multiple users.

So how much broadband speed does your business need? Well, that all depends on what your business users do and how much data your business broadband  sends/receives.

For example, if you’ve got 20 employees who regularly download/upload large video files and utilise VoIP technology, the demand placed on your Internet connection will be a lot greater than if you had just a few employees sending/receiving emails.

Also, if your business has an eCommerce element e.g. a website that accepts orders, you will probably need more broadband speed than a business that doesn’t.

Moreover, eCommerce websites are typically seasonal, so while you may not need a huge broadband speed throughout most of the year, there will be times (Christmas is the obvious example) when demand is greater and you’ll need more bandwidth to cope. Fail to secure enough bandwidth as these crucial times and you could not only miss out on orders, but your reputation could also be damaged in the process.

Never pay for a service that’s way beyond your needs

However, having said that, there is absolutely no point paying for broadband speed/bandwidth that you’re simply not going to use (you’re literally throwing money away). That’s why you need to understand your business users’ usage and the demand of your business broadband IT infrastructure, then choose a suitable solution based on your needs.

Should you require more bandwidth at certain times of the year, your Internet service provider should be able to accommodate that.

The bottom line is that no two businesses are the same and your broadband speed should be based on your individual business requirements. The Internet service provider you are considering partnering with should be more than happy to discuss your requirements and make a suggestion as to how much broadband speed your business needs.

Finally, it’s a good idea to also consider what your network needs might be in the future. If you know that you’re planning to take on a bunch of new people or aggressively expand in certain areas, it makes sense to opt for a broadband connection that gives you scope to grow.

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