The business world has changed. Most businesses are now multi-site, whether a larger company with teams and offices spread out across multiple locations, or an SME with a couple of remote workers. Connectivity and communication across multiple locations come with additional challenges compared with single-site operations. First, how to deliver fast, cohesive and reliable network capability across every site. And secondly, the extra strain on budgets, resources and security.

Without implementing the right technology into your business’ operations, it can feel like you’re working with two different businesses rather than one in different locations. The good news is, modern technology offers many new options for connecting multiple sites at a much cheaper cost than traditional solutions.

How do you connect your multiple business locations without breaking the bank? Let’s find out!

Make sure you have a strong internet connection

Without it, it’s almost impossible to maintain a good level of collaboration between your multiple locations. If your business has operations across multiple sites, you can connect these to each other using a leased line. Leased lines offer high-speed internet access, uninterrupted data streams for your business communications and bullet-proof reliability. A leased line is perfect for communicating online, hosting websites, transferring large data files and working productively.

We provide an ultra-fast leased line service with 5 hours SLA for fault resolution and a free backup service. Leased lines aren’t the only option – we can provide a variety of fibre services depending on your business’ needs and budget.

Maximise the potential of Cloud-based technologies

With cloud technology, it’s very easy for companies with multi-sites to connect and collaborate. Regardless of how physically dispersed your offices may be, you will benefit from centralised management over the cloud. A cloud-based solution for your multi-site business is easy to deploy, it can collect and process data from anywhere and at any time, it can be delivered to any device or any other platform, and it’s easily scalable.

Our Cloud Connectivity service provides a direct link between your business and Cloud providers – giving you a secure, fast and consistent connection. We offer our Cloud Connectivity service as an add-on service for our business broadband customers. When combined with other services, such as Cloud Telephony and Video Conferencing, we provide a useful, end-to-end solution for all your communication needs.

Multi-site VoIP solution

The traditional PBX phone system comes with a multitude of challenges if your business has multiple locations. The lack of an interconnected system has a negative impact on communication and collaboration, which will negatively affect your company’s productivity.

A multi-site VoIP solution can easily address these challenges. With your phone system securely housed in the Cloud rather than in your office and the flexibility of VoIP technology, your business will benefit from a high degree of usability from Internet-enabled devices, such as mobiles and laptops and the capability to use all of the features of a traditional phone system (e.g. call forwarding and voicemail), in any location.

Cloud telephony makes location and distance irrelevant which can be truly transformative for your business!

We can bring your multi-site teams together!

If you have staff in multiple offices, warehouses, or working from home, we can keep everyone connected as if they were just across the room. We offer reliable connectivity and deliver advanced technologies to our customers. If you have any questions or would like some more information about how we can help your business, get in touch with our team!