It’s a well-known fact that rural areas of the UK often don’t get the same fast and reliable internet speed as urban areas. When you live in rural areas, trying to access a high-quality internet connection can be a headache, but why is it so challenging?

The main reason some providers struggle to offer a great service is that the infrastructure is limited or non-existent which can be a huge challenge for larger companies. The good news is that there are providers who can ensure you receive reliable internet at blistering speeds.

How to get faster and reliable rural broadband

Reach out to your current provider and discuss your needs. This way you can inform your provider that you are not happy with its services and you need an upgrade to a faster connection. You can consider switching to fibre broadband, if it’s available in your location, as it’s one of the most popular options. Fibre broadband is a high-speed, efficient and reliable option.

If your area has 4G coverage, mobile broadband can be a good solution to improve your internet speed. Mobile broadband technology provides wireless high-speed internet access to your portable devices – mobile phones, laptops, or tablets, for example. The actual Internet connection is delivered via mobile phone towers over a mobile phone network. The best part is that you don’t need to have a phone line and line rental charges.

One of the key things that you can do to get faster and more reliable speeds in rural areas is to switch your provider. People don’t switch providers for a range of reasons but if you are not getting the service you expect, make the switch and get the benefits of a faster and more reliable service elsewhere.

Take your time and shop around before making a decision. There are plenty of ISPs out there, so it will be best to use a price comparison tool to see what the options are in your rural area, and which one will give you the best deal, and most importantly, the best customer service. Smaller providers come with big advantages as they provide more personalised services. So, it may be worth checking out their packages.

Faster internet connection for rural businesses

Rural businesses, especially in the agricultural and farming sectors have suffered the most historically with poor and inadequate broadband speeds. Seamless connectivity is a crucial part of any business and fast, reliable service contributes to business success.

The good news is that businesses now have the opportunity to get the services they deserve and get some much-needed peace of mind!

We will bring you up to speed

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