With the vast majority of us now carrying out our jobs (and socialising) remotely, video conferencing has rapidly become the new way to communicate. With daily life unfolding in front of a screen, now’s the time to get comfortable with this technology. All communication channels have their quirks, but this probably applies to video conferencing more than most. This article looks at a series of tips and tricks to master video conferencing and avoid any potential embarrassment along the way!

Make sure the area around you is clean and tidy and that there’s nothing visible that you’re uncomfortable showing! You can always create a virtual background to avoid you having to think about this.

Check your appearance

Whilst working from home undeniably provides an opportunity to dress down, a casual appearance might not strike the right note for a work call. Make sure you’re smart and presentable, and avoid heavily patterned clothing as it could be distracting on camera.

 Setting up for the call

Test your video conferencing software ahead of the call to make sure everything is working. Make sure your device is plugged in and has sufficient battery power. It’s always a good idea to log onto the video call slightly early, particularly if you’re using unfamiliar software.

Muting sound and turning off video

Your microphone will pick up some background noise, to avoid this you can mute the audio when you’re not speaking. Similarly, if you’re experiencing a distraction or unwanted interruption, you can turn off your video to avoid this being seen by other participants.

 Knowing when to speak

It can be harder to pick up on visual signals on a video call, making it more difficult to know when to speak. If you take part in video calls regularly, you might want to agree a system to facilitate this with the other participants (e.g. raising a hand when you want to say something).

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