With soaring bills for energy, fuel and food, many household budgets are being squeezed. At this point, it’s becoming even more important to find ways to reduce your monthly outgoings and pay less on your broadband bill.

A recent survey by Which revealed that people under contract with the Big Four providers were more likely to pay more on their broadband bills. In fact, they also found that customers of these four companies could save as much as £143 annually by switching to a cheaper and smaller provider.

If you are already paying too much for your internet connection, you need to ensure that you find ways to avoid overspending and get a deal that suits your personal needs. This process may seem overwhelming, but in fact, it’s not tricky at all. Here are our top tips to save money on your broadband deal:

Check the length of your contract

Broadband contracts typically last between 12, 18 and 24 months and sometimes you need to pay significant fees if you wish to exit the contract early. To find out if you are in or out of your contract, ask your provider or check their website. Most providers increase the price once your contract finishes so you need to ensure you receive your end-of-contract notification letting you know you can switch to a new provider or re-contract to a new deal. This way you could be saving money by not paying more because you’re out of contract.

Make sure you pay for what you need

Everyone wants a fast internet connection, but make sure you don’t pay extra for an internet connection that you don’t really need. The faster the broadband deal, the more expensive it will be. To find out how to choose the right home broadband package, check our guide.

Find the best deals on the market

This will help you not only to avoid overspending but also to find a cheaper deal by switching to a new internet service provider. If your current internet connection is not fast enough, you may find a faster deal for the same price.

Watch out for price rises and search for providers with fixed prices. This will give you some well-deserved peace of mind that your price won’t skyrocket halfway through your contract.

Take your time and shop around before signing a contract. Broadband comparison websites such as U Switch or Switcheroo can help you find the best deals on the market.

Haggle with your current provider or make the switch

Haggling with your provider does not guarantee a cheaper bill, but this way you can inform your provider that you are not happy with its services. Once you’ve found a better deal you can ask your current provider to match it and if this doesn’t work your way, you can easily switch to a new ISP. You can always find a cheaper and faster deal than your current one.

If this blog has you reconsidering your provider, we’re here to help. Our mission is to offer affordable, reliable broadband while delivering excellent customer service and after-sales support. To find out more about our residential packages, get in touch with our friendly team.