Home working remains as a standard way of working for many of us. Although it has many advantages – better work-life balance, no commutes and more time with family and friends -you could face laggy video calls or painfully slow file downloads especially if you struggle with slow or unstable broadband. If your broadband is slow and unreliable it can be a huge cause of frustration and loss of productivity.

Whether you’re working from home a few days a week or you’re doing this for the long haul, a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial. Most likely you already have a broadband plan that allows you to operate from home. However, if you need higher speeds and more data, consider upgrading your plan.

How much data and speed do you need?

Depends on what you typically use the internet for and, most importantly, how many other people and devices are using your home broadband. Working from home puts a considerable amount of stress on your existing internet connection.

You’ll need more internet speed if, for instance, you handle a lot of large files and media, spend more time on video calls, and run multiple applications for work while your kids, partner, or roommates are also watching Netflix, or working from home.

Also, when working from home you will use a lot of data. All the video calls, file transfers, emails, and chat messages add up quickly. You can easily double your data use per month if you factor in how you use your internet connection outside of work.

In addition, there are some factors beyond your control. Your home broadband connectivity may struggle with unknown provider problems, engineering works, or high volumes of usage. A loss of connection could mean a loss of earnings, so you need to make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

It’s time to invest in a high-speed internet plan

Speed isn’t the only factor that affects internet performance. Your connection type is also a key element. Newer technologies like Fibre and Full Fibre broadband are not only significantly faster than standard broadband but more reliable too. It will be less stressful to work from home and you can forget about dodgy video streams and endless buffering.

Get fibre optic broadband to enhance your life

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