Picture the scene. It’s the school holidays, you’re working from home, and you’re praying that the kids stay quiet so you can meet those all-important deadlines. But then the worst happens: your broadband drops out. No email or no cloud-based computing for you; and no streaming or online gaming for the kids. It’s enough to make you cry, let alone the little ‘uns.

It doesn’t matter how fast your broadband is in these circumstances. What counts is the quality of your broadband support. You need your service up and running again pronto. If only it was that simple …

According to Ofcom, an enormous 15–20% of UK consumers are dissatisfied with their provider. Indeed, 1 in 10 people have officially complained about their service. And nearly half of these were dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled thereafter.

It’s familiar story: providers make their broadband support telephone number difficult to find and actively encourage you not to phone it. And when you do finally track it down, you’ll often be fobbed off, left on hold for an eternity, or simply told to look online for a solution.

Broadband support — the facts

There are multiple reasons why you might need support during your broadband contract. The most common are technical problems, billing errors or delayed repairs. However, providers continually neglect broadband support, even though interrupted Internet access can have a massive impact on our everyday lives.

Ofcom figures show that there are more complaints about broadband and landline services than mobile and entertainment packages. What’s more, there are more complaints about household brands (per 100,000 customers) than smaller providers who often provide a much better service.

As many as one in six UK customers say they suffer “frequent internet connect drops outs” and “very low broadband speeds”. And when people phone their broadband support, the average customer waits over four minutes to get through. Did you know that call centre waiting times almost doubled last year?

This just goes to show that in this competitive marketplace, where consumers are spoilt for choice by the sheer number of high-speed packages available, broadband support simply doesn’t meet the standards that customers deserve.

But rather than acknowledging this problem, and improving their service, many providers try to cut corners and reduce overheads by relying on bots or other automated solutions to support their customers.

Time to change

When your Internet drops out, you don’t need an online troubleshooting guide or a chat bot in your corner. Bots resolve issues just 28% of the time. What you need is an actual real-life person — someone who knows what they’re talking about and genuinely cares. That’s where we come in.

We realise that offering first class customer support is in everyone’s best interests. It brings you satisfaction and peace of mind. And, from our perspective, we want you to feel satisfied so you’re far more likely to stay with us. Nearly 60% of consumers agree that good service is the key to inspiring brand loyalty.

Whereas many companies accept that customers switch providers on a regular basis, and therefore focus on price promotions to replace the customers they inevitably lose, we prefer to build a relationship with you. We’d much rather retain our loyal customers than constantly seek new ones.

Our reputation is also hugely important to us. We don’t want our customers to be stuck on hold, passed from pillar to post, or left waiting an eternity for an engineer to arrive. We want you to sing our praises. Indeed, we even show our gratitude by rewarding customers who recommend us to friends and family.

A different approach

Although we provide a superfast Internet connection with excellent upload and download speeds, we prefer to be known for reliability and meeting our customers’ needs. After all, choosing a broadband provider isn’t just about speed; it’s about the speed of your broadband support too.

We provide every customer with a premium service, operated through our own infrastructure, with first class after-sales and technical support. You’ll receive a dedicated account manager who’s there to help you throughout your contract. Our broadband support centre is UK-based and answers calls quickly. What’s more, our engineers arrive promptly when you need them.

Finally, we’re different because we’re transparent and up front. We’ll always tell you when maintenance is scheduled so you avoid nasty surprises. You can also check the status of your broadband connection, and any upcoming downtime, in advance here. Our priority is always to make your life easier. After all, life’s complicated enough without your broadband playing up.

For more information about our service, simply contact us today.