Having a safe, reliable internet connection has become crucial for many small businesses. Downtime is not an option as it translates into costs for both your finances and your reputation. Business connectivity allows you to access an entirely new world of potential customers and ensure your business operations, but what happens when there’s a fault?

This is where mobile broadband comes in. The technology has significantly improved over the years and there are now great options available. Small businesses don’t need to invest in Internet infrastructure – Mobile Broadband offers reliable high-speed remote connectivity at a cost that small businesses can easily manage.

If you are not sure how mobile broadband can be useful for your business, keep reading. Mentioned below are the key advantages of using mobile broadband.

The freedom to use your device anywhere

One of the key advantages is that you can stay updated with your business operations regardless of your location – inside your car, at your office, or on the go. Mobile Broadband essentially provides ‘pop-up 4G’, allowing you and your employees to access the Internet wherever you need it.

Access the internet through various devices

Using one SIM card you can access the internet on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Mobile broadband connectivity allows multiple users to access the internet simultaneously and benefit from a reliable connection or high download speeds in places where a fixed-line broadband connection is not easily available.

No connectivity limitations

For businesses who struggle to obtain connectivity in remote or rural areas such as temporary construction sites or agriculture businesses and require an all-in-one business telecommunications solution such as high-speed broadband, telephony and on-demand wireless access – Mobile broadband can be used as a backup service.

Mobile Broadband provides calls, Internet, and Cloud access via a wireless connection. This allows the employees to take a 4G router anywhere they need it— without a lengthy setup process.

Enhance day-to-day business productivity

When utilising a mobile broadband connection, obtaining any kind of information online becomes significantly easier. This way everyone completes their daily tasks on time and avoids the slow-downs and stress that come with last-minute pressure.

Affordability and cost-saving features

Mobile data plans for broadband connectivity are quite flexible. Most providers give you the option of pay-as-you-go plans or monthly rolling contracts. There’s no need for a phone line installation or line rental, so it can be a substantial amount to save.

We provide high-quality telecoms solutions wherever you need them

Our Mobile Broadband service caters to businesses across the country. It’s ideal for companies and teams operating away from a major telecoms infrastructure, especially in out-of-town locations. In addition, all of our Mobile Broadband options include unlimited data as part of the fixed monthly costs. This allows teams to access the Internet without worrying about their data usage, so you can complete your online business processes without restrictions.

In the event of a connection outage in your home or office, you can still access the Internet, Cloud Telephony and Cloud-based apps via our 4G router.

To learn more about our highly convenient, flexible Mobile Broadband solution and its essential telecoms features, get in touch with our expert team.