For many UK customers, their home broadband has long been tied to one or two large providers. After all, modern households depend on a broadband connection – and so the perceived hassle of switching providers is off-putting. However, customers may not realise that switching ISP is easy, and that there are more options than they’d think.

With the countless ads and sponsorships, you see from Sky, BT, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media, we’d forgive you for assuming they’re the only providers out there. Thankfully, the broadband market is wider than the ‘Big Four’ – and you may find that the grass really is greener with smaller providers!

In this blog, we’re explaining three reasons to move away from the Big Four broadband providers.

No rewards for loyalty

Like all providers, the Big Four depend on the continued support of their existing customers. These major brands benefit hugely from their long-term customers – but what do they get in return for their loyalty?

Unfortunately, very little. Customers may think that their commitment to their long-term supplier would translate to lower costs or, at least, some perks. Sadly, they’d be wrong – as loyalty to these brands doesn’t pay.

Research from Which? found that over 70% of people have stayed with their broadband provider for three years. After this period, any reduced monthly costs or bonuses would have expired – so these loyal customers are often worse off by staying around.

You could save money

People often assume that the major providers offer the cheapest broadband contracts around. This can sometimes be true, depending on the deal, contract length, and any bonuses, but often, smaller suppliers can provide home broadband for less.

A recent survey of more than 4,000 UK broadband providers proves this. It revealed that people with contracts with the Big Four providers were more likely to have high broadband bills. In fact, the research found that customers of these four companies could save as much as £143 annually by switching to a cheaper (and often smaller) provider!

A better customer experience

A cheap broadband deal isn’t much use if the provider can’t offer decent customer service. Anyone who’s dealt with inefficient call centers or unhelpful chatbots will agree, too. Customer feedback supports this sentiment, too, as three of the Big Four scored some of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of 2021, according to Which?.

Luckily, smaller providers are more likely to deliver great, no-nonsense customer service. Although no supplier can promise a perfect service, smaller companies can cut time waiting on the phone and deliver better support than the Big Four.

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