Have you been with your current broadband provider for a long time? If so then you’re not alone, as a recent Which? survey in May found that 44% of respondents had never switched to a different provider. But if you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving, or feel like your download speeds are letting you down, then it might be time to consider switching your provider.

At Everyday Communications, we know that changing your broadband supplier can be a big decision, and it can be easy to come up with reasons just to stay put, rather than reasons to switch broadband provider. However, we’re here to reassure you that switching is a lot easier than you may think, and there’s no need to stay loyal unnecessarily!

This article presents the main reasons that customers stay with poor providers and looks to outline the benefits of switching instead. Read on to find out more.

Reasons to switch broadband provider

You have more choice than you think

Did you know that most internet service providers (ISPs) use an Openreach network for their services? This is something which every UK home should have, therefore this means that you have far more options for broadband providers than you may have initially thought of! It’s important to note that there may be slight differences in the speeds that are offered by different providers, as they each use different traffic management policies, however you shouldn’t notice dramatic drops.

 You’re worried that it will be too confusing to switch

It’s no secret that the broadband industry contains lots of technical language and jargon — but this should not put you off from switching internet providers. If you’d like to get yourself more up to speed and find out what the switching process involves, check out this handy broadband jargon buster or read our broadband basics blog.

You think that it will take lots of time

If you’re concerned that installing a new broadband router, updating your wireless settings, or transferring network might involve a lot of time and effort, you don’t need to be! In fact, the recent Which? revealed that two thirds of customers found switching easy, which will hopefully give you some peace of mind.

You’re concerned your service might be disrupted

You might be surprised to learn that in most cases it’s possible to switch broadband providers on the same day! Once you have told your new provider that you would like to switch to using their services, your new connection should begin as soon as the old one is switched off.

You don’t think you’ll find a better deal

Did you know that by remaining loyal to your broadband provider you could in fact be paying more for your broadband overall? By switching to a new provider, you may actually be able to get a faster fibre connection at less cost, so it is definitely worth taking the time to shop around.

After reading our article, hopefully you now know the reasons to switch broadband provider and may be thinking of changing yourself!

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