We’ve always known the importance of great broadband service, whether for keeping in touch with our loved ones, watching a film, or working from home, but nowadays it’s more important than ever. We need a high-speed internet connection to suit our needs so everyone can watch, download and do what they want on the internet, at the same time.

Superfast broadband refers to any broadband service that offers speeds of more than 30Mbps. The higher your broadband speed, the faster you can download files, films and games, with more people accessing the internet at the same time and without web pages or streaming videos slowing down.

The good news is that some form of superfast broadband is available to 95% of the UK, according to Ofcom, from the majority of internet service providers. So, let’s find out if superfast broadband is the right choice for you!

Why should you choose superfast broadband?

From watching HD films and TV to listening to online radio, video calling and gaming – superfast broadband means you’ll spend less time waiting and more time using the internet. You can say “goodbye” to download interruptions or drop-outs.

With superfast broadband, you can keep the whole family happy. Superfast broadband can handle multi-device use from smartphones and tablets to PCs and smart TVs.

If you’re a gamer, then superfast broadband can provide you with a competitive advantage over the opposition and a better gaming experience.

With remote working here to stay, superfast broadband has become an absolute must for us. It’s a nightmare to experience a drop-out in the middle of an important meeting, or your speed causing work files to take hours to download when you need them ASAP.

How can you get superfast broadband?

You can increase your chances of getting an excellent package by becoming an informed buyer. Start by contacting a new provider, or ask your existing provider to upgrade you. Broadband comparison websites such as Broadband Genie or U Switch are great places to find deals and reviews.

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