By the end of December 2025, the ISDN lines will be switched off, so having SoGEA in place now can save you the hassle. For businesses looking to prepare for the full-fibre future of digital Britain, switching your organization’s broadband connectivity from ADSL or FTTC to SoGEA will bring various benefits.

Startups and small businesses will gain the most from implementing SoGEA, with cost reductions compared to their current broadband and landline bills. SoGEA eliminates the need for a tied-up landline package, consequently, businesses can expect reliable and fast broadband at a more affordable rate.

With business costs going up, SoGEA broadband is an excellent opportunity to save money and future-proof your IT and voice connectivity simultaneously. Let’s see how the new SoGEA service can benefit your business!

Save money on your broadband and phone bill

By eliminating the need for a traditional phone line, SoGEA can help businesses save money as you only pay for receiving a broadband data connection and aren’t charged for landline calls you don’t need. SoGEA is designed to be used with an online phone system such as VoIP so pairing SoGEA broadband with a cloud-based telephony solution, will save you money and skyrocket your connectivity.

Easier to deploy

SoGEA can be installed faster than FTTC, as it doesn’t require the installation of additional hardware or equipment. Usually, adding in a line and then installing a broadband connection would take up to 20 working days, but with SOGEA the installation is simultaneous – meaning it takes half as much time.

SoGEA is a perfect solution for home or remote working as it also provides minimal disruption to businesses.

Better performance

SoGEA is stable and resilient. Your business will get a better performance than you’re used to since no-call traffic can interfere with the lines. You will benefit from speeds similar to and even better than FTTC, as it’s a single connection focused solely on broadband.

Bring multiple sites together

With SoGEA you can interconnect multiple business locations within days rather than weeks compared to the traditional MPLS solutions. Our business broadband packages such as Everyday Fibre Broadband, Everyday Hyperfast, Leased lines and Mobile Broadband are SDWAN compatible ( based on bandwidth and low latency) across the broadband network allowing businesses to interconnect remote sites quickly and effectively.

SoGEA is a scalable broadband product designed to empower your staff so they can adopt their preferred work style including working across multiple sites, on the move or from home.

Get SoGEA today

Overall, SoGEA is a more reliable and cost-effective connectivity option for your business that doesn’t require a traditional phone line. You can have your voice, mobile and connectivity services supplied by us, delivered through a single contract with excellent customer service.

With Everyday Communications, you get minimal downtime during your migration journey, so your business has the freedom to upgrade its broadband connection in the least disruptive way. Everyday Communications can handle the entire process for you, removing the stress of needing to order connections or manage the switch.

Ready to future-proof your business connectivity? Get in touch with us.