It’s been two years since the UK Government enforced the first lockdown. The move caused great uncertainty as many businesses had to close — or carry on remotely. Working from home felt like a new concept then, as just 12.4% of UK employees were remote workers in 2019. Unsurprisingly, this figure more than doubled in 2020.

However, remote working is clearly here to stay, with some businesses switching to an entirely office less work style. This strategy is only made viable by a range of flexible telecoms solutions.

In this blog, we’re highlighting telecoms solutions for remote-working businesses.

Secure video conferencing

Video conferencing has become a defining aspect of remote working since the pandemic struck. Many teams began using services such as Zoom to hold face-to-face meetings — which were often plagued by audio issues or unwanted guests.

Thankfully, our Video Conferencing service makes virtual meetings simple and safe. It’s tailor-made for businesses, providing a boardroom-like experience for staff — wherever they are. Our technology provides high-quality video and audio, and it comes with a range of built-in security features and controls. This means businesses can secure their call data while enjoying a fast and dependable service.

A Cloud-based phone system

Although landlines may be on their way out, phone calls are far from redundant. Office phone systems have connected teams and customers for years — but having on-premises infrastructure is restrictive in the era of hybrid working. That’s why Cloud Telephony is the way forward.

This telecoms solution uses Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to move an office phone system into the Cloud. This allows employees to make and receive calls through the Internet — and, therefore, from any location. It’s complete with classic features including voicemail and audio conferencing, so it offers the full office phone experience without any compromises.

Direct access to Cloud applications

From file storage to payroll management, Cloud-based applications have become essential for modern businesses. They’re especially helpful tools for collaborating at a distance — however, using these apps may raise security concerns.

Remote-working businesses can connect directly and securely to the Cloud with our Cloud Connectivity service. It links remote workers directly to Cloud providers using a private network, forming a highly secure connection. This built-in cybersecurity feature applies wherever employees are working from — so there’s no need to pay for a virtual private network (VPN) service.

Mobile broadband

When people think of remote working, they tend to picture employees working from a home office. However, today’s workers often operate from many locations beyond the office or home.

This may include on commutes, such as train journeys to conferences, or team meetings in rented office space. Remote workers might even work at a local café for a change of scenery — but wherever they are, they’ll need a secure Internet connection. Our Mobile Broadband service provides this connectivity in any location through wireless 4G routers — and it comes with Cloud Telephony, too.

If your organisation could benefit from our services, simply contact our team, who are specialists in telecoms solutions for remote-working businesses.