Telecoms have come a long way since the phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. And yet, almost incredibly, the copper wire networks first envisaged by Bell still remain in use today despite the availability of superior technologies like business VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Fortunately, however, the old copper networks are finally coming to the end of the road. The switch to digital is well underway across the world. It has happened already in the Netherlands, while Germany and Sweden are both storming ahead with business VoIP. Meanwhile, here in the UK, BT has promised to switch off the old PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) in 2025.

So what does this mean for your business? Essentially, if you haven’t already woken up to the advantages of business VoIP then now’s the time to do so. Why wait for another three years when you could be enjoying the benefits now?

Here are ten reasons why smart businesses have already made the switch.

VoIP is the future

The Internet is all around us. There’s web browsing, video conferencing, the Internet Of Things, 5G, and more apps than you can shake a mobile phone at. Digital communications are the future so why rely on legacy technologies? Embracing business VoIP now, rather than waiting for the 2025 enforced switch-off, will set your business up for years to come.

Exceptional sound quality

Audio quality could vary somewhat when business VoIP was first introduced. However, in these days of high-speed Internet, when there’s more than enough bandwidth to support both business applications and VoIP, digital communications have come into their own. There are no tinny voices or dropouts with VoIP these days. It’s crystal clear all the way.

Cost savings

Saving money is one of the main reasons why business VoIP is so popular. Not only will you benefit from significantly cheaper calls; there’s also little hardware to buy and no on-going maintenance costs. Everything’s updated from afar without you lifting a finger. With business VoIP, engineer call-outs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

 Less hardware needed

If you hate clunky equipment clogging up the office then you’ll love business VoIP. All you need is a VoIP compatible handset. Just plug it into the Internet and away you go. Want to add a new employee? Simply ask for another handset. The days of engineers coming out to add extra phone lines manually are over.

Excellent reliability

VoIP is just as robust as the old copper wire network, if not more so. For example, digital services can switch seamlessly from one data centre to another if a line develops a fault. Continuity is ensured at all times. What’s more, because you can use VoIP from anywhere, your employees can keep working from home even if they can’t get to the office due to the pandemic or another disaster.

Fantastic security

You don’t have to worry unduly about security with business VoIP. As long as your internal network is secure, then your phone calls will be secure too. Internet security has come on leaps and bounds in recent times. Firewalls, authentication, and encryption … all these measures will keep your calls protected.

Scalability and convenience

Today’s businesses need to be agile and flexible. VoIP gives you this luxury. You can add and remove users quickly and cost-effectively; plus employees can easily redirect calls from their desk landlines to their mobiles. What’s more, updates are done remotely (not to mention quickly) so there’s no need for manual updates or physical effort on your part. Time-consuming tasks are automated.

Integrate your communications

Our cloud-based telephony solution enables you to integrate your phones with other forms of Internet communication, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management applications. This brings your team closer together even when they’re working from home. With business VoIP, your team can make and receive calls from any location and collaborate more effectively 24/7.

Improve customer service

Cloud-based telephony won’t just improve your internal communications; it will also help you to stay connected with customers. You can use the same number on multiple devices and make / receive calls anywhere with an Internet connection. You’ll never miss a call again because your office travels with you.

It’s easy to switch

Transitioning to business VoIP is simple. We’ll take care of installation, set-up, plus on-going management for you. Plus you can even keep all your existing phone numbers. All you need to do is plug in your new VoIP handset (your old PSTN phone won’t work over the Internet). Easy.

Why wait?

Cloud-based telephony does everything that old-fashioned PSTN phones do plus a whole lot more besides. Therefore, it makes sense to embrace the illimitable possibilities of digital communications and business VoIP today.

All the familiar services like call forwarding, diversion, and hunt groups are included. Plus you’ll enjoy superior sound quality, save time and money, and perhaps most importantly of all, work more closely with both co-workers and customers. What’s more, you’ll be better placed to exploit the game-changing advantages of fibre broadband.

To find out more about Everyday Communications business VoIP, simply contact us today or discover more information on our YouTube channel here. Thousands of businesses have already made the transition. So why not embrace the future too?