If you are a business owner in the UK struggling to stay connected, satellite internet could be a game-changer. With the need for 24/7 connectivity for different economic sectors, satellite internet has become a vital tool for businesses to carry out their day-to-day operations.  You may have been put off by the cost and commitment in the past, but now it’s probably time to look again.

In recent years, there have been enormous advances in this area and satellite internet has revolutionised how businesses in rural and remote parts of the UK stay connected. This type of internet connection provides a reliable and affordable solution for businesses that need access to high-speed internet without having access to fibre or ADSL connections. In addition, satellite internet can be a viable backup option for your business broadband with speeds often exceeding standard ADSL connections.

However, there are some major myths and misconceptions about satellite Internet, simply because most people don’t know just how far the technology has come. In this blog, we’ll highlight some significant advantages of having satellite Internet.

Availability and reliability

One of the primary advantages that satellite internet offers to businesses is availability. Satellite internet can deliver a terrestrial-grade experience with voice, video, and data. It works pretty much everywhere, so you can benefit from almost unlimited coverage.  Unlike wired connections, satellite internet can be accessed from any location, regardless of how remote it may be and it’s not affected by weather conditions or other environmental factors.

Quick installation and scalability

Satellite internet is an ideal solution for fast deployment, immune to the difficulties caused by remote locations, harsh weather, and terrestrial obstacles. Put simply, the technician comes out to your premises, sets up the satellite dish and connects it to your devices. Additionally, satellite internet is a scalable option that can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs of your business.

Video conferencing and cloud-based systems

Satellite internet can improve remote and rural business’ operations through the use of cloud-based services and video conferencing. This can help improve their data security and backup while saving money on travel and maintenance costs. This ensures your business always stays connected even in the most challenging locations.

Security and cost savings

Another representative advantage is profitability. Satellite internet is more cost-effective than other internet services since it does not require any additional infrastructure, making it a top choice for those looking for quality internet access regardless of location.

Satellite internet is more secure due to its ability to provide a dedicated connection. You are not sharing the connection with other users meaning your data is safe from malicious actors.

Give satellite internet a try

Our satellite internet broadband service managed through our core network is a desirable solution for businesses operating in rural or remote locations that are unable to obtain high-speed internet service and have limited 4G/5G data coverage.

If you have any questions about satellite internet, or which option is right for your company, the experts at Everyday Communications are here to help. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the internet solution that will fit the needs of your business.