Communication technology is now at the core of our lives. Today, we rely on smartphones, broadband, and wireless data to communicate with the world, work remotely and stay in touch with our loved ones.

As technology and telecoms have evolved, operators have to manage multiple services – the broadband connection, mobile and data services, cloud connectivity, along with associated hardware. The number of things that can go wrong has grown exponentially, and so has the importance of the customer service provided by the operators.

The challenges of delivering a perfect customer service

Our customers want fast answers and quick solutions for all their problems. They have become more demanding as they rely on our services more than ever. Today, customer service has become a key differentiator in reducing churn.

Additionally, the fierce competition in the telecom sector has led to price pressure. Each company aims to provide quality and better services while continually ensuring the telecom packages are at a competitive price. With loyalty being consequently low, operators want to deliver the best experience to retain customers for the long term, both for B2C and B2B segments.

When choosing a broadband provider many consumers take advantage of discounts offered via bundle deals. But, are they overlooking other factors which can add value for them?

We want to differentiate ourselves from the sea of telecoms providers

We think personalisation is key. Understanding the context and requirements of each consumer is how we build long-term relationships with our clients. We don’t want you to repeat yourself to multiple people if you experience an issue – as is the case with so many other telecom providers.

When you sign up for a business plan you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to facilitate quick and easy communication with our in-house support team. You can have regular one-to-one calls or ad hoc calls with a dedicated account manager, which can be useful, especially for business customers.

Our team aims to be proactive and we usually identify when problems are happening ahead of customers. Usually, by the time customers realise there’s an issue, the support team has already started an investigation and is close to a resolution. We’ll also proactively inform you of faults with our service or scheduled maintenance time, so you can plan accordingly.

Everyday Communications provides 24/7 support, so if you have any issues you can call us. Our customers always come first!

We would love to talk to you

If we sound like the kind of organisation that you want to do business with, please do not hesitate to contact us.  For more information on our approach, please visit our About page.