Not only significantly faster than standard broadband but more reliable too, fibre broadband has rapidly become the first choice when looking for a new broadband connection. However, there is a little confusion about the difference between ‘fibre’ and ‘full-fibre’. The two terms are very different and in this blog we’re going to clear things up!

Fibre vs Full Fibre

On the most basic level, fibre broadband is a type of technology in which the broadband signal travels over fibre optic cables, as opposed to copper wires or anything else. But in practice, these two terms are used to describe different speeds of internet service.

Fibre – also known as Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC- means that although there is a fibre-optic line connecting the data centre to your local cabinet, an old-fashioned copper cable still connects the street cabinet to your home. This means that fibre cables are used for only part of the journey.

Full Fibre – also known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP / FTTH – uses a fibre connection the entire length of the journey, meaning that all the cables in the chain are fibre optic, from the data centre, right into your home.

Benefits of having full-fibre internet access

With full fibre broadband, the sky is the limit! As it utilises only fibre-optic cables, which are immune from signal attenuation and interference, they don’t suffer these issues and therefore you can benefit from increased speeds, improved reliability, lower latency and cost savings – as you have full access to high bandwidths, no matter how high your usage. With Full Fibre broadband it will be less stressful to work from home, quicker to download films and music, and easier to play online games.

You can finally say goodbye to slow broadband-related headaches and enjoy your time doing the digital things you love. With full fibre broadband, you’ll also be able to enjoy the streaming services you may be already paying for!

We’ll get you full fibre-d up!

Our mission is to deliver premium residential broadband service, excellent UK-wide coverage, even in rural areas, speeds that suit your needs, and high bandwidth for stress-free streaming. We believe you deserve access to fast, reliable broadband and excellent customer service at a reasonable price, and despite being a smaller ISP, we’re keeping our prices below inflation rates.

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