The appetite for ultra fast broadband is greater than ever in this age of unified communications and data-hungry businesses. This is especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic when a large percentage of employees are working from home. Remote employees need seamless video conferencing, the ability to download and upload large files, plus an instant and uninterrupted connection to colleagues and customers.

With more devices connected to the Internet than ever before, including computers, phones, televisions, tablets, home automation systems and even light bulbs, the demands on bandwidth are increasing exponentially. Therefore it makes sense to look ahead, and get ahead, by investing in full fibre FTTH (fibre to the home) broadband. With download speeds of 1GB, it leaves all other broadband packages behind.

Our Everyday Hyper Fast broadband

Whereas ADSL broadband delivers average speeds of 10–24 Mbps, and regular fibre delivers 35–76 Mbps, our Hyper Fast full fibre broadband guarantees speeds in excess of one thousand Mbps (1GB). Upload speeds are also increased to approximately 110 Mbps. This means there’s no competing for bandwidth no matter how many devices are attached to the Internet simultaneously. There’s ample capacity for everyone.

FTTH is so incredibly fast because fibre optic cables run directly into the home rather than stopping at your nearest street telecoms cabinet. Regular fibre broadband reaches the cabinet (FTTC) but then relies on traditional copper cables to transfer data from there. Speeds are therefore dramatically reduced.

With FTTH there’s no sharing capacity with your neighbours or other people in your street. The distance from your street cabinet to your home, which affects the speed of regular broadband, therefore becomes irrelevant. Your connection is super fast and beams information at literally the speed of light all the way.

Life in the fast lane

Imagine the scene if a remote working director is competing for bandwidth the rest of his household during a tense virtual contract negotiation. He’s about to seal the deal when his 13-year-old son starts downloading Star Wars in ultra HD upstairs. The video call starts to lag, key information is missed, and patience runs thin.

This simply won’t happen with FTTH. Remote workers can video conference with clarity, collaborate with colleagues, and download massive files with ease no matter how many people are streaming movies, music, live sport, or anything else in another room. It’s a totally interruption-free and leg-free experience.

FTTH broadband therefore puts your people in pole position. They can use hosted applications without a hitch, cut down on software and licencing costs, take your data online, and access information in an instant. All potential breaks are off. This makes it simple to create a fully meshed business infrastructure with unified communications connecting your team in different locations.

Lightening fast without a leased line

Before the advent of full fibre, the only way to enjoy lightening fast data transfer was via a physical leased line — a dedicated broadband connection via a single line rented exclusively to your business. This proved invaluable to companies with specialist needs who required a consistent speed that wouldn’t fluctuate when nearby users occupied bandwidth.

Leased lines offer speeds of 10Mbps all the way up to a staggering 10GB — far more than even a large business would need. There’s just one problem: the cost reflects this bespoke service and can reach over £1,000 per month.

The advantage of our FTTH broadband is that you can achieve similar data transfer levels — more than you would ever realistically need — without the prohibitive price tag. It’s the ideal solution for businesses everywhere.

Unleash your business’s potential

Full fibre is the technology of the future. It will be the backbone of advanced economies for decades to come. Traditional broadband has improved immeasurably but it can still prove unreliable. For example, its performance can still be impacted by the time of day with peak hours providing frustration.

Everyday Hyper Fast Broadband, on the other hand, removes limitations and provides the full fibre experience with a seamless connection free from buffering. There’s no limit on the number of devices you could use simultaneously, plus you’re no longer at the mercy of copper wires that degrade over time.

What’s more, our hyper fast package will work with all your existing devices and hardware. It’s incredibly simple to set up. We’ll simply provide a fibre-capable router and converter to install at your home or premises. Even better, you can save money by taking advantage of the government’s UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

There’s just one potential problem: full fibre isn’t accessible to everyone. It depends on where you’re based. Click here to see if it’s available in your area via our broadband availability checker. If you can’t yet access full fibre yet then we’ll set you up with the next best super fast solution.