Now more than ever, most of your business’ day-to-day operations are tied to the internet. If you are asking yourself whether or not your business requires a backup internet solution, the answer is usually yes.

A host of things can cause issues with your business internet connection from natural disasters, and provider-caused problems to human error, and unfortunately, these are beyond your control. In case of a network outage, your phone system, web browsing, email, video conferencing and cloud-based applications could shut down. The great news is that it’s incredibly easy to protect your business. Implementing an internet backup connection is within your power.

What kinds of faults can disrupt your internet connection?

While every company looks for the most reliable internet connection they can access, there’s always the possibility of a fault. There could be internal issues with your internet service provider’s network or an issue outside of your control, such as bad weather. Your service might also get disrupted not only due to weather and equipment failures but also due to infrastructure damage or system misconfigurations.

Network congestion can also stop you from getting to work on time. This fault can sometimes be traced back to old cables connecting you to your ISP’s network. You also have to take into consideration that sometimes a communication or payment error can result in a fault.

Depending on the problem causing the outage, your service could be disrupted for an obstructive amount of time, ranging from minutes, to hours, or in the worst case scenario, even days. And for many businesses, this could be problematic as downtime costs add up quickly. By understanding the types of failures you might encounter, you’ll be able to protect your business from the possibility of experiencing one. Having the right backup solution in place, you can bounce back from an outage quickly.

How would these issues affect your business?

For many businesses, an outage means employees can’t properly perform their jobs, slowing down productivity and resulting in financial loss. While your team can still be cordial to customers while the internet is down, they may not be able to perform basic assistance. Needless to say, an outage means chaos and business owners face the challenge of resolving it quickly. Whether you are a retail business, tech company, or transport and logistics company, it’s a stressful event.

What is a backup internet connection?

An internet backup is a secondary internet connection in addition to your primary one that can be used in the event of an outage and allows you to smoothly carry on your day-to-day activities. A backup solution is great for adding redundancy to your business operations and won’t affect your Wi-Fi connection or your site based wireless network. When contemplating backup internet solutions, consider opting for technology that differs from your main connection type.

For instance, if your business works with a wired internet connection through a cable modem or phone provider, a good option for a backup solution could be a mobile internet connection.

Speak to us and get some peace of mind

Don’t let your business be at risk of disruption and make sure you investigate the possibility of a backup solution before you actually need it. Start by asking yourself: What are your business needs? Does your business operate across multiple sites? Consider the size of your business and the geographic distribution of its network.

Everyday Communications offers multiple connectivity solutions, including 4G/5G connectivity, backup internet connections, leased lines and cloud telephony. Our team will sit down with you and understand your specific needs and the level of internet failover solution that’s needed according to your business structure, budget, day-to-day demands and more.

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