They say that necessity is the mother of invention. But in the telecoms sector the global pandemic has merely emphasised the giant technological strides already made in recent years.

With Covid-19 increasing demand for integrated communications that enable people to work from home, providers have stepped into the breach with pre-existing solutions and delivered with aplomb.

Cloud computing has been the key. Businesses use the cloud to centralise and simplify file sharing, operations, and data storage. Meanwhile, voice and video conferencing is so much easier without physical phone lines and hardware on-site.

The problem, however, is that businesses have often relied on separate providers to make all this happen. But now thanks to the ‘office in a box’ concept – where everything you need is accessible in one virtual environment – remote working has become easier than ever.

Let’s look at the main benefits of ‘office in a box’ solutions and explain why fully integrated communications are a fantastic way to improve your efficiency.

Business grade broadband at home

Remote working is so much easier with first class business grade broadband. ‘Office in a box’ solutions provide exactly that: high speeds of up to 76Mb or even 1Gb with superior upload speeds. Video conferencing, file sharing, and business applications run flawlessly when the brakes are off.

Business grade broadband also comes with prioritised customer service, better tech support, and increased security measures. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from a static IP address; this is essential if you need to run a website or host a server from home.

Now you’re talking

High quality VoIP is a hallmark of ‘office in a box’ solutions. This allows you to make calls via the Internet using a phone, laptop, desktop, or mobile device without the need for a traditional landline.

Cloud telephony ensures crystal clear sound quality. SIP ‘trunking’, where each ‘trunk’ is a virtual phone cable, provides tremendous flexibility. There’s plenty of capacity for Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and other video conferencing apps, plus you can scale up by adding extra ‘trunks’ when needed.

Transforming a phone system into an Internet-based one can transform the way whole teams communicate. There’s no hardware, no ISDN lines to install, and no dramas in the event of floods or other incidents because everything operates securely in the cloud.

Applications on tap

Office in a box’ solutions also enable you to harness powerful SaaS (software as a service) applications. Google Workspace, for example, is an essential productivity and collaboration tool. Meanwhile we recommend Cisco Jabber, an app that that enables home workers to communicate freely on any device.

Also known as on-demand software, SaaS apps have become the backbone of forward-thinking businesses. They can provide everything a modern organisation needs in one place – email, a shared calendar, chat facilities, document sharing, spreadsheets, and more.

Because these applications operate in the cloud, there’s no need to worry about installations, updates, or keeping hardware onsite. What’s more, you can access them anytime and anywhere. The cloud makes it all a breeze.

Save time, money, and worry

High-speed broadband doesn’t have to mean high costs these days. With reduced equipment, low maintenance costs, and free internal calls, the ‘office in box’ concept enables businesses to increase productivity and lower overheads simultaneously.

Remote working is also made robust and secure. Cloud computing is known for its increased security. Furthermore, if your broadband service does get interrupted for any reason, or you’re between offices, you can order a temporary solution that connects your team to the Internet via 4G.

Box clever

Although some businesses find remote working problematic, it’s often because they’re using different providers for different services. The result? There’s too much to think about. And anyone can drop the ball when they’re juggling different interfaces.

The ‘office in a box’ concept, on the other hand, simplifies everything by combining apps and communications into a single, seamless, and altogether more sensible solution. Broadband, email, video conferencing, phones, messaging, and cloud applications all available on the same platform.

Find the one

Finding the right provider, of course, is key. So always contact an expert who can identify the best solution for your particular needs. This can vary depending on the size of your company, your objectives, and your particular sector.

Remember that modern technology will help your business prevail in the present and scale in the future. The ‘office in the box’ concept delivers because it’s the whole package with the flexibility to meet your needs as they change.