What is telecoms customer care?

Effective telecoms customer care encompasses three main elements:

1) Customer retention

Retention is a key area when it comes to building a financially-sustainable business. This couldn’t be any truer than in telecoms as user volatility tends to be high, brand loyalty is often low and there’s generally significant room for improvement from a customer perspective!

Retaining existing customers rather than acquiring new ones is less expensive, with research indicating that it can be five times more costly to do so! A loyal customer will also tend to buy again from the same brand and will spend an average of 60% more than a typical customer in a single transaction.

2) Company reputation

Customer care is undoubtedly a key factor in customer satisfaction, and in turn company reputation. Happy customers will become brand champions and will be more likely to leave reviews on sites such as Trustpilot, as well as positive feedback on social media. Such endorsements work wonders for a company’s reputation.

3) Brand identity

Being known for good telecoms customer care will give a provider’s brand identity a boost and will help them stand out amongst the competition.

Why does telecoms customer care need to improve?

  • billing errors
  • recurring issues with their technology
  • delayed repairs or delayed start to their service
  • long call waiting times
  • unclear or inaccurate information from call centre staff

Statistics show that the number one reason customers switch brand is poor customer service. They also indicate that it takes a whopping 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative one!

With figures like this demonstrating just how important customer service is to consumers, it’s really not something that telecoms providers can afford to ignore! Satisfied customers also provide opportunities for upselling and cross-selling other products and services.

We take telecoms customer care seriously!

At Everyday Communications, we don’t want our customers to be part of the 33% that are frustrated by being stuck on hold or having to repeat their issues several times to multiple customer service reps. That’s why we assign you a dedicated Account Manager, right from the start!

We’ll also proactively inform you of faults with our service or scheduled maintenance time, so you can plan accordingly.

Customer care is everything to us and is the reason we established our business! For more information on our company ethos, please visit our About page.

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