With more and more businesses working remotely, the need for faster Internet connectivity and Cloud applications is going nowhere.

Before COVID-19 struck, the majority of organisations had the luxury of high-speed, reliable Internet connections. The landscape now couldn’t be any different — with staff working from home, reliant on video calls, and struggling with slow or patchy Internet.

So, how can businesses tackle this and provide better (and more productive) working conditions? In this article, we look at Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband which — with speeds of up to 1,000 megabits (Mbps) or 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) — has the power to revolutionise remote working for your business!

Let’s take a look.

What is Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband?

You’ve probably heard a few terms being thrown around when it comes to Internet speed. To clear things up, a superfast connection generally means download speeds of 30Mbps or more. Ultrafast broadband usually describes speeds of 100Mbps or above. Gigabit broadband refers to speeds of 1Gbps or more and is only available through full fibre connections.

How does Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband work?

At Everyday Communications, we supply our Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband via FTTH (fibre to the home). This means that fibre-optic cables run right up to your house, providing the fastest possible service for residential locations. It also means you are no longer reliant on the outdated copper lines that are shared by the masses.

You will benefit from download speeds of 1Gbps and upload speeds of around 200Mbps, so you’ll no longer be fighting for bandwidth with your kids or other members of your household!

Why your business needs Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband

Our Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband package offers your business a host of advantages to keep you productive and on-task. Here are a few key benefits:

Reduced downtime

Anyone working at home knows how frustrating it is to lose Internet connection during a video call.

This can result in a significant amount of lost time for businesses. Employees can miss key information and meetings may have to be completely re-scheduled.

Unaffected by peak usage times

Peak-time Internet performance issues won’t impact your workforce. A full fibre service means you’ll enjoy a super-fast and reliable connection at any time of the day.

With more and more businesses using Cloud-based applications to collaborate, share, store and access information, uninterrupted access to these is crucial!

No limits on the number of devices using your connection

With Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband, it does not matter how many users or devices are using your connection simultaneously. This means that your staff won’t be competing for bandwidth with the rest of their household who may be downloading large files, making video calls, or streaming content in the background.

Easy set-up

Our Everyday Hyperfast service couldn’t be any easier to set up. We’ll provide you with a fibre-capable router and converter to install at your employees’ home or your workplace — and you’re good to go!

With the majority of offices still closed and our working routines likely to be in flux for the foreseeable future, Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband could prove an ideal option for your business. At present, this service is not available in all areas but you can check its current availability using our broadband availability checker.

For more information on our Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband package, contact our expert team.